Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm sipping on a tall Americano and bundled in jeans and a comfy sweater. It's chilly here in Indiana.  Which is ironic, as yesterday I was flittering about town in biking shorts and a tank top.  It was 80 degrees and sunny.  It felt like summertime.  I spent the previous afternoon on my bike enjoying the beautiful day and marveling at the brilliant green of the grass and the bright blue sky.   Peace.

Today it is 45 degrees and overcast.  There was heavy rain this morning.  Apparently this is common Indiana weather.  It could feel like summer one day, late fall/early winter the next.    I've lived here for 19 years, and I am still not accustomed to it.  I'm still an east-coast gal.

When I woke up in a cool room (I had opened the windows the night before), and heard rain hitting the rooftop this morning, I thought about staying in bed.  But I chose to get up and get moving instead.  Life has been a roller coaster recently, and I know better than to stay idle.   The best way for me to get out of myself, and out of the dumps is to exercise.  Get the endorphins moving.

I bundled up, put on a rain jacket and a baseball hat, my winter running pants and my sneakers and headed outside.

I ran unplugged today.  I reveled in raindrops sprinkling my face, the quiet sound of my feet touching the wet pavement rhythmically and an occasional passing car.  I turned off the main road and ran toward the river.  It was beautiful, because I chose to see it as such.  Today I welcomed the rain, and looked for the beauty in the trees, bare of their leaves, rising from the ground as if sculptures.

Thoughts and feelings danced in my head, even though there was no music.  I let them dance.  I allowed myself to feel.  I allowed the warm tears to join the raindrops on my face.  And it felt good.  It is wonderful to feel and not to numb as I've done in the past.  My intention was to run 4 miles, I ran 8.  I felt renewed and refreshed.

I talked about letting go in my last post.   Today I was reminded that letting go is not the end.  Letting go, even if just for the time being, is just the beginning.  It is a process in life.  Feelings and sadness don't just go away magically on their own.  The difference in turning it over and letting go is I am handling my feelings and not being consumed by them.  Taking action over what I can control and letting go of what I can't.  What other choice is there?

After my therapeutic run, and a hot shower, I met some very good friends.  My posse.  My girls.  I needed to be around others......hear their laughter, and laugh with them.   Laughter is hands down the ultimate cure for pretty much everything.  The most important part of being with them was I sincerely needed to get out of my own head.  If I stay up there too long......well, no good can come of it!

That's it for now....T.G.I.F.!  Have a great weekend y'all!  And remember....when all else fails....LAUGH.  (Or at least smile.)

Peace, out xoxo


  1. A long run outdoors in nature, a hot shower, and time spent talking and laughing with friends. Sounds like the perfect cure for thinking too much.