Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fashionista in Suburbia

OK....I've been put on a budget.  Or rather, I'm putting myself on a budget.  With the fall season here (it arrived sooner than I expected), I'm looking to Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and of course my online sources for inspiration for Fall fashion.  If I were to step foot in a shopping mall, or God forbid make the semi-annual trip to Chicago and Michigan Avenue (a.k.a. Magnificent Mile), as well as the many off-avenue boutiques I love in could be quite dangerous.  And since I'm a struggling writer attempting to pay for my own fashion, might prove impossible.  But a girl can dream.

When the seasons change, I naturally want to go shopping.  Because everything in my closet is "so last year".  And wouldn't possibly work for 2012.    I love fashion, especially shoes...and bags.  I'm an accessories junkie.  I also just love the feel of a new outfit.  It is a powerful feeling to step out in something new...clothes that just feel good when I put them on and that I'm confident look good on me.  My confidence soars if I love what I'm wearing.

But let's be realistic.  I live in Carmel, Indiana.  I am part of suburbia in which the dress code is frequently Lululemon athletic wear, or jeans and a t-shirt.  Which is great!  Very appropriate and comfortable.  (I can be quite dangerous in Lululemon believe me!!)   I live in jeans, t-shirts and workout clothes.  But in my mind I'm a fashionista city girl trapped in a suburban wardrobe.  I'm a creative spirit, an artist, shouldn't I dress like one?

My fantasy life includes many things, especially recently.  My ultimate fantasy is to be able to afford whatever fashion items that I might fancy.  (Of course this falls after world peace and feeding the hungry of the world).  First things first, then fashion.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to see something in a shop window, or in a magazine and just be able to go out and purchase it?  Right now I'm passionate about anything Burberry Prorsum or Lanvin.  But really, would this work for a PTO meeting or coffee with an editor?  In Indiana?  Hmmmmm...

As I've reluctantly come to realize, fantasy is not reality.  As depressing as that may be, it's true (it's reality so to speak!)  That's not to say this girl will not continue to dream.  Who knows....sometimes fantasy does become reality.  Just saying, it could happen....

So, come back to earth Michelle, and welcome back to suburbia.  In reality I'm well aware I cannot buy what I want when I want it.  (DARN it.)  It is not my reality to purchase all of the clothes I see in Vogue for the new season.  So...where does that leave me?  As a creative spirit, it actually leaves me with many options.  I just have to look for them.  Where else?  My own closet.

I'm seeking inspiration to create new looks with what I already own, then simply shop for a few items to jazz up the ensembles.  Jeans and a t-shirt with my hair left wild, a statement piece of jewelry, and really awesome shoes.  A little black dress with my hair worn up, bright tights and really awesome shoes.  I could go on.....but you probably have the idea.    And it really comes down to the basics and a little imagination.  I should have thought of this years ago, but I think with a lot of things, my creativity was lying dormant.  Unleashing it is opening a lot of doors for me, come to find out.

When I looked through my closet, I found I have a lot more shoes, bags, jeans, etc. than I thought I did.  And it was really kind of fun putting pieces together.    Pieces I didn't remember having.  With a little resourcefulness I have more to work with than I thought.  And isn't this a metaphor for life?  In looking a little deeper, I'm finding I have a lot more to give than I could have imagined. Things we loved once upon a time can can be rediscovered.

And that, my friends, is pretty cool.  So look inside your "closet" might be surprised with what you have.


  1. Well, I can give you advice in this area, I use to help people in bad financial situations. Add new buttons to old clothes, it will spice up the dress. Get a sewing machine and take up long dresses and add to the short ones. Go to second hand shops, they are excellent for good quality clothing at affordable prices, even if you have to drive for miles the price of petrol is worth it. Have a sale in your own home amongst family and friends, a good way to get paid for clothes you may have chucked in the bin, and ask your mates to bring something they wish to exchange with you.

    Oh how I love to get bargains.

  2. Channeling Carrie Bradshaw? Personally, I think your idea of repurposing your old stuff is brilliant!

  3. Old clothes, like old ideas, are always waiting to be rediscovered.

  4. Jeans always feel most comfortable just before they fall apart. Buy second hand jeans, the hard work has already been done for you.