Sunday, December 30, 2012

Closest to Heaven

Right now I'm the closest to heaven I've been in quite awhile.  It's dusk, and the place where I'm staying is quiet.  I've traveled here with four kids ages 12-17, and while it's been great fun playing with them, I'm enjoying the serenity while they are all downstairs at the pool.  As I sip a cup of dark coffee,  the sun is slowly sinking towards the sea.  The ocean is gently kissing the beach, and the sound is quite soothing.  This is my view from the balcony.

I have rather different ideas of the metaphorical heaven.  Today it is the beach.  Another day it might be the noisy streets of New York or Chicago.  It is also in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  Winter or summer, there are different elements of all three that appeal to me in every season.  My complete idea of heaven is to have the means to travel to all three at different times of the year to write.  I am chasing that dream, one day and one baby step at a time.

Earlier this afternoon I took some time and ran on the beach.   One of my favorite things to do.  No music and no GPS watch on my wrist to distract me from the beauty of my surroundings.   The sun was  bright in a crystal clear blue sky, and there was only a gentle breeze in the cool afternoon air.  I left my worries, my cares and stress behind and just ran.  I had no distance in mind, I only wanted to feel the sun on my face.  Perfect beauty on a perfect day.  It was just what I needed.  I lost myself in the run and my thoughts and it was the first time in a long time that I felt powerful.  I'm fairly certain I ran pretty far. I am certain that I smiled the entire time.

I am so grateful to have discovered what outlets work in my life.  Stress, sadness and pain will come.  It's just the nature of life.  But I am at peace, as I know I'm strong enough to handle what comes down the pike.  Today I can let myself feel.  Feel the negative emotions and embrace the happy ones.   My outlets, be it cycling, running, swimming.....whatever... allow me to release these feelings, then give them up and turn it over.  Move on.

Life is beautiful.   Life is a gift.   Today I am immersing myself in the beauty of the beach and my heaven of the moment.  And at this moment I am happy.

Kids are back....and the quiet is now filled with joyful laughter.   I will say bye for now.  More tomorrow.  I am serene today, probably back to silly then.


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  1. Don't know where you are, Michelle, but it looks absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Beaches are my favorite places in the world. Just staring out at the ocean makes me happy.