Monday, December 3, 2012

Keeping it Real..Riding with the Boys

Yo, Yo, Yo!!  Or Ho-Ho-Ho, as today is December 2.  'Tis the season!

It has been awhile!  I hope you've been well.  I've been a bit "off" the last week.  Life has been happening, and with gusto (you know, when you least expect it, expect it?)   It was all giving me a case of the blues.   But it's typical.  Things are going great, then suddenly a bump in the road flattens one of your tires.  Hello!  As such, I have been working on several posts, a couple of which a word...deep.

I think I'll save the deep subjects for another day.   The timing doesn't feel right today, or perhaps I am not to the point of having it all sorted out.  It's all good.   I'll keep this post light.  I'm in a very happy place today so this should be a breeze.

Yesterday was the first of December.  I spent a good part of the day doing what I love, riding my bike.    The email came out Friday, announcing a Saturday morning group ride.  I was overjoyed, as it had been several weeks since I had ridden with a group.  And with the way things have been, the timing couldn't have been better.  Therapy on two wheels never fails.    I awoke Saturday morning, and the weather was fabulous!  A high of 65 degrees with mostly sunny skies was predicted.  I went for my run, then loaded up the bike and my gear and headed out to meet everyone.    The group was comprised of the amazing cyclists that I ride with every Wednesday night during the summer (although we were missing a few), and we planned to ride the same route.  My good friend and coach, Catherine, also came along for the ride.    So it was me, Catherine and the guys (which is cool, because riding with the boys rocks!)  The ride renewed my spirits.  The sunshine, the speed, my favorite course...all added to the perfection of the ride.  What was most wonderful, was that all of this was unexpected.  It was December after all, and typically the weather is not conducive to cycling outdoors.  In a matter of hours, my slight case of the blues was uplifted to joy.

The ride consisted of all the elements that make for a perfect ride:  dizzying speeds of the pace line, hill climbs, and racing around a 6 mile loop of the state park.   Then repeat it in reverse.  30 miles total covered, 2 hours worth of fun and 1,700 calories torched.  There was never a shortage of adrenaline and during brief and rare slow points, great conversation.  I learn something new about my sport every time.  Which makes me stronger!!  Mentally and physically.

We all find peace and serenity amid the chaos of our lives in different ways.  For me, my peace and serenity come during exercise.   Specifically swimming, biking and running.    I can seemingly escape reality for a little while, but not really flee.  I am simply changing my environment.  Instead of keeping things bottled up, I can process them while peacefully swimming in a pool, or feeling the wind gently caress my face on a ride, or listening to the soft footfalls on a run.   So in effect, I'm not really escaping but am living and healing through my actions.

The challenge for many of us is to find the channel to peace and serenity that works for us.  I hope you find yours.

As I bring this to a close, and relive the ride in my mind, I'm smiling.  As I look around my office, I am enjoying the Christmas decorations which surround me.   There's something about white twinkling lights that gives me a sense of calm.  It's bed time, and I will go to sleep tonight with a happy heart.  Everything else can be tackled in the morning.

Peace, out.  xoxoxo

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