Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fashion, Christmas Joy and My Bike (Obsessions)

Merry Christmas to you!  I love this time of year and there is a rumor that a white Christmas will continue in the Mid West, as there is snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  Snow. Truth be told everyone who's anyone is throwing the word "blizzard" around.  It's only a weather forecast people.   But they theorize it is practically a guarantee,  that is if you typically put stock into what the Weatherman says.  The locals are panicking.  I'm a "wait and see" kind of girl.  A positive thinker's M.O.   I gave a little snicker as the newscaster on Channel 13 advised us to make sure we are stocked up on batteries.  (There are more precious items to stock up on if you ask me!)   Being from the East Coast, snow doesn't faze me very much.   I grew up in the Pocono Mountains before moving to Maryland as a teen.   Lots of snow in the Poconos.  Just giving you a little peek into my childhood. 

The only thing I'm panicking about right now is the concern that the bike shop won't be open tomorrow if there is indeed a"blizzard".   My hope is to pick my bike up in order to bring it with me on my impending trip to the warm, sunny Gulf shore of the southern U.S. (Can't get it Thursday, because we are leaving at 7:00am sharp! according to the powers that be).   Yikes.  I have not even been able to pack.  I'm normally packed a day or two before a trip, as I have to make sure I have the right shoes, outfits, etc. ready to roll.   But the opportunity to ride long distance outside all week is just too good,  and I can't possibly focus on packing until my bike is in my possession.  I know, slightly obsessed.  We triathletes tend to be that way.  So my fingers are crossed and I'm trying not to check and re-check the weather.  So much for the "wait and see" approach.

This holiday season has been wonderful.  I hope yours was very special as well.   At the end of last week I had to hit the"pause" button.   In doing so, I was able to accept things as they are in my life right now, let go of trying to change what I can't control and find my serenity.  Honestly, it's just how I have to be at this moment in time.

Well, I've touched on the "blizzard", mentioned a little about fashion and discussed my bike (obsession).  Now a bit more on fashion and Christmas joy.  Christmas Eve has always been my favorite part of the holiday.  Getting dressed up, which I don't get to practice very often, is so much fun for me.  As you know I live in either workout clothes or jeans and a t-shirt, but I attempt to inject style into the equation whenever I can.  I've been playing around with fashion, and last night I indulged.  Seven jeans, red pointy-toe high heeled pumps, a statement necklace and a Jil Sander gabardine coat.  Christmas and fashion bring out the child in me.   Giving in to my inner child makes me happy.  And isn't that what Christmas is all about?  Joy and happiness?  That and a certain special birthday celebration of course.

Fashionista in Suburbia, that's me.

More Christmas joy....the upcoming vacation.  Precious time with the peeps.  Each of my children is bringing a friend, and it's going to be a blast!   My kids are so much fun and I love the ages they are now.  12 and 16.  We can have serious conversations, and then turn around and be silly and full of laughter.  More inner child play time!   I'm so excited to feel the sun on my face and to wiggle my toes in the sand.  The beautyof the ocean, the long bike rides, endless runs on the beach, and lots of time to read.  (I will be working while I'm gone....the beauty of modern technology....but it will be in a peaceful place.)  Maybe I'll finish that book I've been working on?

We are on the cusp of a new year.    I'm ready to put 2012 in the record books, and am excited to be perched on the starting line of 2013!  My plan is to make it the best year yet!!

Talk soon!
Peace Out,


  1. Merry Christmas Michelle! Yes, give in to your inner child. Love the Fashionista photo! :) Hope there’s not a blizzard and your bike shop is open. Have fun on your trip with your children. It sounds wonderful already!

  2. Hope you have a great new year! Nice to see this one winding down so well. Definitely had a white christmas here in Oklahoma!