Friday, December 7, 2012

Rainy Day in Carmel

Hello!  Happy Friday!  I love rainy days.   It is the perfect time to take a nap, to read a book or go for a run.  The kind of day when being at work doesn't seem so bad.   Rainy days are excellent days to write, as it is so quiet and peaceful.    Today is one of those days.    I come to you from my little corner office, where my desk sits next to a window.  Each time a car passes I hear the lovely spray of water from beneath its tires.  It's such a playful, soothing sound.  Some of the rain drops have remained on the window screen  and have formed tiny shimmering polka dots.  Beauty and serenity can find me even when the clouds are gray.  (Have you ever noticed how beautiful clouds are?)

My day started when the alarm sounded at 5:00am.   I had made the decision to start getting up early to be more productive.  I purposely placed my iPhone across the room so that I wouldn't hit "snooze" 10 times, as I've habitually done for the last couple of weeks.  This is one of several bad habits I'm determined to break.   I tend to write late at night, and lose track of time.  Then I sleep later than I should the next morning.  Last night I kept track and turned off the lights at 10:30pm, a good 3 hours earlier than the previous evening (or rather morning).  Didn't even watch Chelsea Lately.   I grumbled when the alarm went off, as it interrupted a rather awesome dream (the nerve!) and I pulled the blankets over my head.  The alarm kept on sounding.  Dammit!   I had no choice but to get out of bed.  This is what most "normal" people do I reminded myself as I got up.  I's said that successful people complete more before 8:00am than most regular people do all day.  Ok, Ok.  I get it.   Who doesn't want success?  I resisted the urge to climb back into bed for "5 more minutes" of slumber, and got dressed.  I had a date with my bike, the computrainer and a beat down at the gym.

I opened the garage and when I felt the cold and saw the rain coming down, I initially thought "oh no....great.  Today's not looking so good."  But then I stopped myself and reset my intentions.  I said (yes out loud, I talk to myself remember?) "today is going to be a great day."  A smile came to my face, and I felt the psychic shift in my attitude.  Psychical, not psycho thank you very much.  Although, I do talk to myself......hmm.

By 7:30 am, the workout was finished and I headed home to get ready for the rest of the busy day.  I didn't even need coffee, as I had abounding energy from the exercise and those wonderful endorphins.  I love endorphins.

And the day has been great!  I remembered how much I love the feel of the soft rain on my face, and how my hair gets curly when it's humid.  I wore my cute rain boots, which resemble motorcycle boots with a bright pink zipper from my ankle up the back my calf.  I actually jumped in puddles after I left a meeting this morning with my boss, a.k.a.editor, a.k.a. friend, who went over the details of a new writing gig he assigned me.  (We also had an interesting discussion about the WWF.  Who knew!?  I learn something new every day...ha ha).  Just have to keep an open mind.

Which brings me to now...present time 5:45pm.  The sun has set and it's dark.  I think I just might be onto something with the idea of getting up early.  It's been a very positive and productive day.  It also marks the beginning of the weekend, which is always a plus!

So we will see how I do.  Might even move the iPhone into the bathroom so I'm even less tempted to get back into bed on Monday.  I'll keep you posted.

Happy weekend y'all!


  1. I quite often wake up during the middle of the night, and spend the time reading blogs as it is very peaceful and quite. I do set my alarm but I'm often already awake so hardly get to use it at times. They say 'it's the early bird that catches the worm'.

    Well, hope you have a good weekend because I'm off to a great seafood fest tonight. There will be buckets of seafood on offer at great prices and you can bring your own wine. I'm gonna have great fun trying out all the different prepared foods. I'll pop by another time.

  2. There really is something soothing about a rainy day. I don’t mind rainy days at all. Btw, I tend to talk to myself too, to get myself motivated. :)