Thursday, December 27, 2012

Funny How Things Turn Out

I feel compelled to do a brief followup to my post last night.  In conclusion...

I have to hand it to the local weather forecasters....we did indeed have a blizzard!   Luckily I was fully stocked in the battery department.  Ha. Ha.   This "wait and see" gal waited, and boy did I see!  It snowed, and it snowed hard.  I stand corrected.

My beloved bike.  Guess where it is?   You's at the bike shop.  I talked the big talk about hailing from the Pocono mountains, but I chickened out and hibernated while the white stuff was blown about by 40mph winds outside.  I'm just being honest.  Not to worry, I have another bike that will make the trip.  It's all good in the snowy hood.  It turned into a really nice day being shut in with the kids.  I packed, finished every stitch of laundry, worked at my desk, rode my back up bike on the trainer, cleaned out the fridge and came up with a rather smashing dinner at the same time.  Multi-tasking at it's best.  Lessons learned?  Plan ahead.   Pick needed items up the day before it snows.  Listen to the Weatherman.  He or she just might know what they're talking about.

Since I was blessed with an entire day to pack, I made it fun.  I tried on outfits, and actually packed much less than I usually do.  Just don't ask how many pairs of shoes I'm bringing (keeping in mind that I will be training and hitting the beach as well as the nightlife while I'm there).  Mmmm Hmmm.

To further spark my enthusiasm at the onset of 2013, I officially registered today for The Oread IRONMAN 70.3 Kansas!  June 9 in Lawrence,  Kansas.  Let the training begin!  (In which case, it is a blessing that I'm bringing my triathlon bike with me this week).  It's funny how things work out.

I'm all set.  I am not going to complain one iota about the 11 hour car trip.  I'll have four kids and a rockin' playlist to entertain me.  And the destination will make the travel time well worth it I'm certain.

So I will admit it.  I was wrong, and frankly a little bit arrogant in my post last night.  I actually don't mind being wrong.  In fact, it amuses me (because it hardly ever happens....ha!  It happens all the time.)  Being in the wrong actually reins me in.  A little dose of humility can do wonders.

I promise to keep humility in mind when writing my next post.  I find it refreshing that I'm learning to laugh at myself.  It's never too late to start over, right?

See you soon!

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  1. your blog, it's beautiful :)

    I will follow your blog ! eheheh...

    greetings from Portugal
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