Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Switching Gears

I was overjoyed this afternoon when the thermometer went all the way up 45 degrees.  It's a heatwave everybody!  The sun sparkled in a bright blue sky, and my mood was much lighter than it has been recently.  So naturally, I went for a ride.    My coach had put a 2 hour outdoor ride, followed by an hour cool down on the trainer, into Training Peaks.   She had consulted the weather forecast (to which I'm putting more stock in these days) earlier in the week, and said "I made sure the weather was going to be awesome and gave you an outdoor ride 'cause I know you love it!!"   She rocks.  The weather was indeed awesome (and I'm just nuts enough about my training to think that way about a temperature of 45 degrees).

I put on about 5 layers, and headed out.  I must have looked like anything but an athlete in all that bulk, but I was warm.  The streets were still lined with snow from the blizzard of exactly two weeks ago, and it was a beautiful ride.

This picture resembles the picture I took on my beach ride last week, doesn't it?  But instead of sand, this time we have snow.  My bike gets around.

The return of blogging while cycling (a.k.a. brain blogging).   I've missed it!   Last week while on vacation, I had peaceful outdoor rides but there was no blogging or getting lost in thought.  My attention was focused on making a valiant effort to stay on course.  Lost and alone in rural Alabama would not have been good.  Looking back, I probably didn't have cell service in some of the areas I found myself.  Kids, don't try this at home.

I used the time to mull over my thoughts.   The last two days had been pretty awful.  I mean how much can a girl's heart take?  Sheesh.  Enough already.   I started several posts during that time, then decided against actually posting them.   I paused.   I got out the old pen and paper and wrote the old fashioned way.  Just the act of writing helped a great deal.   Which is also awesome.   I was writing for me, to me.  I wasn't writing to publish.  I vented on paper, talked about it, then shredded it.   While being true to myself in this blog, outright venting doesn't really have a place.   But after all is said and done, I'm good.  I got this.

I've been pulled in so many directions recently I was beginning to feel like my pal, Gumby.    I think the main thing is I've been pretty hard on myself.   I have to remember to be gentle, especially with me.

I hope you can hear the lightness in this post.  I'm feeling lighter, and it's because I've finally dropped the rock I've been lugging around.  I'd put it down now and again, but I would pick it right up again.  As if it I couldn't live without it.  Which is absolutely nuts.    I don't have to do things perfectly, I just have to keep moving.  And today.....I'm moving.  And smiling.

I am focusing on today, but am also thinking ahead a bit.  I am so psyched to be ensconced in training.  Getting stronger.  Getting faster.  Getting smarter.  About how I train and how I live.

So in a nutshell, I'm happy.  Good ride, good share.  The only downside of the ride today is for some reason, my bike computer wouldn't register faster than 19mph?  A glitch maybe?  Or maybe it was just me.  I'm sure it'll go higher soon, once I work out all the kinks. :)

Peace, for reals,


  1. So glad you got that awesome ride! Writing to yourself, for yourself, really does help, I’ve done that. Like that quote about waking up with determination and going to bed with satisfaction. Hope you get more beautiful days for awesome rides!

  2. the push to do even under negative circumstances can really lift a person above one's circumstances. good post, michelle.

  3. So glad you're feeling better. Exercise is such a mood elevator. And I agree: I think sometimes you are too hard on yourself, expect too much of yourself. You deserve to treat yourself more kindly.

  4. I've always loved getting out in the cold to exercise, especially on a bike. Shame I haven't ridden a bike in eons. I try to go walking every day, but since I have a slight ear infection, I've been keeping it to days about 50 degrees.

    Your comment about 5 layers and how that must have looked reminded me of my last walk in below 40 degree weather, I bundled up, threw on my hoodie, and put on my mask. With my shades on, I'm not sure anyone could have even told my ethnicity. I know I walked by two people, and both gave me very wide berths as I strolled past them.