Sunday, January 13, 2013

Listening to the Rain

I'm reflecting on my day....and listening to the rain.

Today I am grateful...

...for the warm sunny day that just ended
...for the gentle rain dancing on the rooftop as the night takes over
...for the long bike ride this afternoon with a group of pretty awesome people
...for the quiet little run after the ride
...for my family
...for my many friends
...for my strength, the strength that sometimes surprises me
...and for so much more

As I look back on today, I realize how truly blessed I am.  Not with things I have, but with whom I will  become.  So full of hope.

What a wonderful surprise it was to be given such a beautiful, warm, sunny day in January and the chance to see a brief glimpse of Spring.

Today I was reminded what true beauty is, and today I feel beautiful.


  1. What a beautiful post. It's good to sit still and look at the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. From where I live, I can see the rain coming for miles. It looks like a dusty cloud sweeping across the landscape from south to east. What a sight. I just don't appreciate being water logged outside whilst in it, ha ha.
    Whenever you feel down Michelle, remember this post and remember that regardless to anything that happens, you are still beautiful.

  2. Always love a poetic post, written in soliloquies and immersed in a type of writing that teleports you to the location, giving you the memories of something you're not experiencing.

  3. There is a certain serenity to listening to the rain. Beautiful reflections in your post, Michelle.