Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Groovy Cycling Haven

What a fabulous day I've had!  Just wanted to share a little light-hearted post with you on this Tuesday.

For the better part of today, there was a spring in my step and a smile on my face.  It started off with a little yoga and meditation, during which I set my intention for the day.  I decided I was going to make it a good one.  It was still dark, but the sight of stars in the sky gave the promise of sunshine later.

After seeing the kids off to school, I loaded my bike and headed to The Cycle Studio.

I want to give a little shout out to my friends Shea and David, who are the owners of The Cycle Studio in Carmel, IN.  It's a sanctuary of sorts for triathletes and cyclists.  (Technically it's a place we go for a beat down, but as I've previously mentioned we enjoy that sort of thing.)  It's how we roll.   Tuesdays are my favorite workout days, because I get to share two hours with some pretty amazing women.

At the beginning of December,  Shea invited eight female triathletes to participate in a winter session at the studio, the Womens Development Group.  I was honored as the women with whom I'm blessed to spend the time are amazing athletes, including Shea, our mentor.  We have all completed numerous triathlons, some of us are half Ironman finishers and most are full Ironman finishers.    Pretty impressive training partners.

We bring our own bikes to class, and place them on CompuTrainers.  CompuTrainer is a state of the art system that collects and shows data such as power watts, mph, cadence, average watts/kilogram and heart rate.   There is capability to ride/race any course programmed into the system.   The Cycle Studio has over 500 courses on file.  It can be brutal.   It's kind of like a spin class with bionic power.   Hills, valleys, drafting can all be programmed into the rides making it very similar to being outside.

There were a lot of laughs and conversation in the beginning of the workout.  Then alternating grunts and periods of quiet when the hard work set in.  We finished the session with a 5 mile two team race.  It was a grueling workout (a.k.a. awesome).  We dismounted and held a 3 minute plank, and were given our challenge for the week.  No sugar is this week's beauty.   What?!  We will  see how it goes.  We weigh in every week, and everyone was down at least 2 pounds.

It was 30 degrees outside, but inside the studio it was steamy.  No helmet required.  Good stuff.

It will be a fun couple of months together, as we train for our 2013 races.  Getting stronger and faster while having a blast.  Doesn't get any better than that!

If you're local, and looking for some great training...check out The Cycle Studio.  Here's the link: http://iammultisport.com/

Following the class my coach scheduled a run.   5k run on a sunny, cold day.  Perfect.  Then off to work.  Still smiling.

The day ended with some quality time with my daughter.   Shopping, nail salon and just plain old girl time.  We are very close, and I'm so blessed.

I've already set the same intention for tomorrow.  And it's going to be good :)

Peace out.

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  1. Your workouts and training are very impressive to me. No sugar?! OK I might be able to do that, emphasis on “might” LOL! Wonderful that you are blessed to be so close to your daughter too. Sounds like you had an excellent day! :)