Thursday, September 27, 2012


To love someone unconditionally, flaws and all is difficult.   Our flaws can bring negative attention to us.  Perhaps make someone think they know how we really tick, when they simply can't look past the flaws to see the real person beneath.   This brings to mind several Seinfeld episodes, in which ladies with "man hands", "close talkers" or "sidlers'" were not eligible candidates for a relationship.  We see flaws and run.   We all have an image, or an idea of our perfect mate.  But is this attainable?

Flaws can be good I think.  Wouldn't a perfect partner be boring?  Don't our flaws make us individuals?
Let's be realistic, to be human is to have flaws.   Perfection is logically unattainable.  So isn't striving for perfection really just a waste of time?  Making mistakes enables growth.

Flaws give us character.  Part of my journey in this blog is to bring my flaws to light, poke fun at them and myself and learn.  Improve my utter imperfection so to speak.  I'm dealing with a flaw right now, and that is impatience.  A prime example of my impatience rearing it's ugly head is my rush to get myself back to "normal" after my bike accident and subsequent concussion.  Rushing back to work, and resuming my typical daily activities brought me to my knees today.  Literally.  Another reminder for Michelle how important it is to be patient and listen to what the doctor told me four days ago.

I want what I want when I want it.  Flaw.  Not realistic.  Ugh....there's the reality factor again.

If I wasn't working on my flaws and trying to improve myself, then I would be flat.  Uninteresting.  And the funny thing about working on myself is I'm not getting it right the first time.  I'm falling down, catching myself and starting again.  Life is really a practice.  A constant state of change.  I can't imagine how terribly dull life would be if everything just went my way and I conformed to the mold people have set for me.  I like being a work in progress.

I think that one of the things I'm discovering most about myself, is that I'm not always going to get it right.  And that's OK.  The point is I'm aware, I'm trying and I'm moving forward.  Picking interesting experiences along the way.

I have one perfect partner in my life.  He's uncouth, has excess body hair, has terrible breath and is extremely lazy.  He's crazy, impulsive, messy, needy and can be annoying.  However, he is funny, cute,  loyal,  reliable,  trustworthy and a great friend.  Sure, he has flaws, but I accept him for what he is.  Most of all, he never complains about my flaws.  He knows them all (I don't have enough room in this blog to recount all of them, however in due time I'm sure I'll get to them) and loves me regardless.  He's always happy to see me, and I always get to pick what we do for fun.   He doesn't even care if I don't brush my teeth before we chat in the morning over coffee.  In short, the perfect friend.  I'm so lucky!

Couldn't we all learn a little from Frank?        Humans are so much more complicated...

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  1. That's a wonderful attitude, Michelle. If you can laugh at yourself and accept that you're only human, you will save yourself a lot of grief.