Thursday, September 13, 2012

Early Bird Gets the Worm?

It's Thursday.  I haven't posted in awhile, and there is a lot of material dancing around in my head.

I woke up at 5:32am (snooze much?) and got to the gym at 6 to work out with a personal trainer.  I spent the summer doing workouts which involved mostly swimming, biking and running, so I thought I'd mix it up with something new.  (Sniff) triathlon season is over for 2012.   It is now what's known as "the off season".  But like most of my triathlete friends, I don't like being "off".  I'm already thinking about 2013.

It was a great workout.  I found out I have muscles that I hadn't used in awhile!  That's always an exciting way to start the day.  And here I thought I'd worked all of my muscles to the point of exhaustion.  Surprise!!  This should be good.  He thinks I should come in to work out with him six days a week.  I'm trying not to take that personally.  Not sure I can make that big of a commitment.  Plus, I love my triathlon workouts.  I've got to swim, bike and run or I'll go mad.  I suppose I'll have to apply balance here.  And patience.  And we all know how patient I am (still a work in progress, but I am making headway.)  Muscle sculpting does have it's place, certainly.  I'm already picturing myself rocking the bikini next summer.  With work, anything is possible!

I am not accustomed to getting up early.  I have never have been a morning person.  I would like to be.... I've heard that most successful people accomplish more before 9am than most "regular" folks do all day.  But when the alarm went off at 5:00am, then 5:10am, then 5:20am (yes, a four snooze button morning) I was not having it.  I finally dragged myself out of bed at 5:32 (after contemplating another round).  Yikes.  However, once up, dressed, and in the car I felt pretty good.  It was dark and I didn't pass any other cars on the road.  The bright lights of the gym were a beacon.  I enjoyed the workout, and after explaining why I couldn't come back for more that evening or tomorrow (I have a good excuse for daughter is having all four impacted wisdom teeth removed) I promised him I would return Monday morning.  6am sharp.  Early.  Fantastic.

I got to my office at 8, after running a few errands.  I have a cushy corner office (corner of my bedroom actually).  I have the privilege of working from home.   I spend a lot of time at my desk, so I've made it a welcoming place.  It's home within a home with a comfortable chair, artwork I love (most of which done by my children), flowers, and my various race paraphernalia.    It's where I write.  I'm balancing blogging/writing professionally, working on a book (yes a book), and writing my random thoughts (a.k.a. venting) in this little blog from time to time.  In addition, I do some of the accounting work for my husband's restaurant (more about that joy later).    I also manage the household,  juggle two kids' schedules, volunteer, and dabble in fitness activities (OK, I admit it....I am a full-blown fitness freak, I mean enthusiast).   In a nutshell, I'm a professional Mom who writes, does chores and races triathlons.  And I love it.

It's almost one o'clock and I haven't stopped working since eight am.  I've gotten quite a bit completed, and now have time for a break for some fun blogging.   I rather like this feeling of early to rise, get the workout in, early to work, still have most of the day ahead.  In my mind I've formulated a plan that I'm going to start every day going forward this same way.  I would get up at dawn and get out of the bad habit of hitting the snooze button.  Imagine how productive I would be!

But wait....that would mean going to bed early, and that will be a tough one.  I like ending my day late.  I get a couple hours of peace and quiet, usually all to myself, after the kids go to bed.  I always watch Chelsea Lately before turning out the light.  Am I willing to forego that?  I'm not sure.  Old habits are hard to break.

It comes down to what my priorities are.  It's all about priorities, right?  My main focus right now is to establish myself and get my career moving.  So there might be something to this idea of starting the day early, being productive and ending the day with a feeling of accomplishment in my heart.  Pride in time well spent.  

I'm going to have to give this some serious thought.

I think I'll take my bike for a spin, as the day is bright and sunny and a comfortable 80 degrees.  In short, perfect.   The saddle of my bike is my favorite place to sort out random thoughts and possibly life-changing alterations in my schedule.  (I'm quite sure I'm repeating myself from an earlier post.)

Depending on how this goes, I guess I could DVR Chelsea Lately and go to bed before midnight tonight.

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