Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ah I love you.

Labor Day....the traditional last weekend of the summer. We are spending it as we customarily do, at Lake Wawasee in northern Indiana.

The lakehouse has been in the family since the 1940's. It sits on the waterfront of the south shore of Lake Wawasee or "The Lake", as we fondly call it. The Lake is a popular upscale summer destination for Indianapolis and Chicago populates. A welcoming home away from home, where the pace slows and the stress of everyday life seems far away. I never take it for granted and The Lake is always on my gratitude list in the summer. It's a place where a smile is usually on my face and I seem to always want an iced tea.

We hadn't expected much from the weekend. As it is the last time we will be here for the year, we were mainly anticipating a weekend of end-of-the-season work and closing up for the winter (it is an old house and is not insulated against the cold...a summer home it has always been.) In addition, Hurricane Isaac had impacted much of the country with heavy rain. Today's forecast was not promising. We had completed the bulk of the work yesterday, so today was going to be a slow day of indoor fun. However, when I opened my eyes at 6:30am and went outside for my morning run, the sun was beginning its ascent into a clear sky. I couldn't help but smile.

By 10:00am the sky was bright blue and only a few white puffy clouds dotted the sky. The kids departed on the wave runner to enjoy the last day on the water. As they jetted off I slipped on my earphones, put on my favorite playlist and relaxed on a pink towel spread on a lounge chair on the pier. The sun was warm on my skin, and a gentle breeze blew. I wore my favorite white swimsuit. The water sparkled in the sunshine. It was perfect. This is my happy place. The sunny day was a most welcome surprise.

I immediately got into gratitude and reflected on my many blessings. It has been a really good summer overall. I had lots of opportunities for personal growth. I finished my first half Ironman triathlon. I spent a lot of quality time with family and friends. I solidified my relationship with myself and with God. I had made the decision to get back to writing, which brings me great joy. It's what I've always wanted to do....yet had put on hold. The summer of 2012 is behind me, yet it is not finished since it has been life-changing. It's as if I was able to rewind and start over. I can see what is truly important to me very clearly. Thoughts and feelings that have been dormant for many years have been re-awakened.

As I lie here, basking in the sun's rays, I am reminded how blessed I am. A whole new chance at life has emerged and taken shape for me. My future is at hand and I am intensely optimistic.

It is now 1:00pm, and almost time to head back to Indianapolis. I am feeling melancholy about leaving, yet am going to have a new spring in my step.

I've had a lot of time to reflect, and it's time to move into Fall with newly charged batteries and a feeling of hope in my soul. The wind in my sails has shifted and it's going to be a great season!

Until next year, "Summer at Lake Wawasee.". Thank you, it's been grand.


  1. Nice that the sun came out for you in your happy place! The house at Lake Wawasee sounds lovely and a perfect place to reflect. You said you were feeling intensely optimistic and you know, I could feel that hope and optimism coming right through in your blog post!