Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Dirty then Putting on Heels

Hope I'm not disappointing you, but I was referring to actually being dirty. Like, really dirty.

My training ride today consisted of rain, wind, mud and earthworms. I'll spare you the earthworm details, for they are not pleasant. I will say the company on the ride was wonderful. Two terrific women rode with me, my coach and a very good friend. Strong cyclists. Their presence ensured the ride was fun and challenging. It was a blast to engage in drafting, even when the bike in front of me is spewing water and goo from the road directly onto me like a cold, gritty shower. It's all good, as taking turns drafting and pulling gave us each a reprieve from the 30mph headwinds. We rode 30 miles then grabbed coffee. Good times. I came home, hosed off my bike (no details), peeled off my sweaty, muddy cycling clothes and pulled a few earthworm remnants from my hair (a brief glimpse into the details and I will not go further). Yuck. I looked in the mirror and there was a streak of mud on my cheek and something brown stuck to my forehead...hours later I'm still not exactly sure what it was. Probably best if I don't know. Sometimes the sport is not very ladylike. It can get downright raw. (And I love it!!) 

I took a very long, very hot bath. I remained in the tub longer than usual, spending some quiet time with me and my meandering thoughts, then took a shower. I emerged and got dressed. I took my time picking the outfit I finally donned and then found the perfect shoes and accessories. 

I love fashion. I get to indulge in it so infrequently, which makes tonight extra special. We are going to dinner at a nice restaurant with the kids and my mother-in-law, who is the coolest woman ever. Love her! I'm probably getting too dressed up but I don't care. Given my absolutely filthy state pre-bath-shower, I needed to feel clean and pretty.

Hmm...should I wear this Michael Kors dress?

A little Free People black dress:

I opted for the MK dress. I'll save the black for next time.
Dinner was fabulous.  Scallops.
This is
what I usually wear:

  As I close this at 12:45am, I am in my comfy writing clothes, also typical attire.  Black polka dot pj's, white tank top.  Sorry, no picture. (smile).  It's Friday, and the forecast is for sunny skies.  I am hoping all my little wormy friends found their way back into the ground, as I have another ride coming up Saturday.  And a run tomorrow (I mean today....T.G.I.F.,  I'm a habitual night owl).

At least when I'm on foot I can dodge the little gross buggers.

That's all I've got for now.  And with that I'll say nite-nite....Peace out!


  1. `...Sorry, no picture. (smile). It's Friday...'
    You sound (& look) in fine fettle Michelle.
    All good.
    Cheers, ic

  2. Love the tattoo on your foot! And that MK dress! You look gorgeous!

  3. Lookin’ good, Michelle! Pretty dresses and love the color of the shoes. Scallops, yum! Yeah, I usually dress in comfy clothes most of the time too. (btw, great post title lol!)

  4. You look gorgeous!!! Good for you! I love love love to ride my bike. It is such good exercise!

    Jennifer at

  5. You clean up pretty darn well, Michelle! Ugh, earthworms! I know they're harmless and that they improve the soil, but I've always been grossed out by them. Right now, we have these little green caterpillars that flying through the air on silken threads. They'll land in your hair and fall inside your shirt without you knowing it, and then, you'll feel them crawling up your neck. Makes me want to take a long, hot bath, too! I like both of your dresses a lot, and you look great in them. Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner with your kids and MIL.