Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Do I Do It?

"It".  Such a little word, but when packed with so much meaning "it" becomes enormous. Why do I race triathlons?  Why do I find it fun to ride a bike for 3 hours? Why do I work on myself every day?  Why do I mentor other women?  Why am I embarking on a new career at 45? Why do I drop anything I'm doing to help my children? Why (or how) do I keep such a positive attitude, even when the going gets rough?  These are just a few of the questions I'm occasionally asked by others and I ask myself every day. It's a running dialog I have with me. (smile)

I do it all because I have the ability, the drive, the dedication and the love in my soul.  I've wasted enough time in this short life.  The time is now to reach for the stars. And at age 45, I am finally finding me and making sense of it all.  Up until recently I was surviving on autopilot (just surviving...not living) but today I am making use of the body and the mind I have been blessed with.  And I am embracing all of my flaws, because they're part of me. This is not to say I'm holding on to them. Recognizing my defects, then interpreting the role they've played in my life and letting them go is all part of "it".  I emerge stronger in the process.

Life can get so crazy.  It seems I am constantly on the move. Work, training, kids, a household to run and a social life to try to keep up with. How do I keep "it" all together?  It's not easy sometimes but I just keep on keeping on. What other choice is there, really?  I make use of what I've got and every day becomes another step toward my dreams.  Anything is possible, I truly believe that.

The main component that keeps me grounded is to practice morning meditation. I am very spiritual and that's the key for me. If my spiritual condition is strong and first in my life, then everything else is cool.  I'm not necessarily talking about religion, but spirituality.  My method of meditation is to read a daily reflection then practice a yoga flow concentrating on what I've read, and sometimes just one word of the reading. Or I might meditate on my blessings and what I am grateful for that morning.  I let everything else go.  This centers me, calms me and builds me up from the inside out.  Perfect.

It works.  My day is not quite right if I skip my morning yoga and meditation. It's amazing how happy I am when I do so.  Any sadness or worry I might be feeling dissipates when I am concentrating on growth and gratitude. If I am strong on the inside then I am in turn strong on the outside and armed to take on the day's challenges.  Mentally and physically.

I hope you find peace in your heart today.  I know I have.



  1. Agree with doing “it” and you go, girl! Yes, the time is now, reach for the stars and nothing short of it (and that’s what I keep telling myself too). Anything is possible, I believe that as well. Great post, Michelle!

  2. Namaste! I am one for yoga too!