Friday, February 22, 2013

Slight Upheaval

Finally! After a crazy week I am able to sit down, catch my breath and write. I haven't had the opportunity to write just for fun this week and it is nice to unwind and do so.

I'm coming to you from my favorite bed. It's the first time I've curled up here all week and I've missed it. There's just nothing better than being in your own house and your own bed. Home sweet home.

Notice who has the biggest portion of the bed?  Frank thinks he's sleeping there all night.  He's about to get a wake up call.

I'm having some renovations done to my house, and it was necessary to pack up and leave for a few days.  The updates are vital and long overdue. But if you've ever had work done on your home, you know it's a time of upheaval. I'm embracing this experience. It's a good opportunity for me to practice being patient, which has always been a challenge for me. I'm slowly making progress. Getting out of my comfort zone (literally and figuratively) this week has helped. The result is I did not go completely loco this week. Not completely.

The week's project; new ceramic tile in the kitchen. The existing tile was old, stained and cracked (courtesy of the growing pains of two kids and Frank, the dog). Worth every crack by the way. I took the chance to relieve some stress by taking a hammer to the old tile prior to the contractors' arrival. It was awesome! If the opportunity arises for you to take a sledgehammer to an inanimate object, I highly recommend it.          


After!  Isn't it beautiful?

Pictures don't really do the chaos or the resulting beauty justice. This morning my refrigerator was in the living room and the washer/dryer were in the dining room. All of the pantry items were piled in the living room next to the fridge and the coats from the mudroom were piled on the couch. For a girl who likes things to be in order, it was a good thing I was staying elsewhere. Ha ha. More patience practice. And so worth it.

Good stuff...on to the weekend.

March is a week away, which means race season is getting closer. As such, I will be training hard this weekend. Swim, bike, run baby! I'm looking forward to working my endorphins into a frenzy. Then I will recharge my batteries in my cozy blue bed :) in my Sheex. (Google them. Best. Sheets. Ever.) Oh, so good!  Wait, I'll do it for you, here's the link:

Try them, you'll thank me. You're welcome.  Have a great weekend!

Peace out.


  1. Very beautiful!! I love those chairs.

  2. the only houses I have built are the ones in The Sims, a stupid childish game I was playing to burn time :) Hope you feel better now that you made changes in your house. I sometimes change the furniture around just to feel differently, good differently, sometimes it helps :)

  3. Hey Nimsy,
    I'm quite convinced we need minor upheavals; it's all about light & shade. Renovations will definitely do it!
    Who gets most of the bed? Mmm. I guess you don't have a cat.
    Cheers, ic

  4. Taking a hammer to what’s being renovated before the contractor arrives is awesome and an excellent stress reliever! Did that just this January to my formerly crappy bedroom closet. Very familiar with renovation upheavals. Like the before and after pictures. (I think I’m coming to this post a little late because I only just noticed it but glad I did!) :)