Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sugar is My Kryptonite

I am in a silly mood, so I feel like a silly post is in order.  It's a surprise to me that my mood is so light, as I'm coming down from a headache to end all headaches. It might be better described as a mind-blowing migraine. This would actually be putting it mildly. When I peeled my eyes open this morning, I was hit by a searing stab of pain. I swear I am not exaggerating. I couldn't even lift my head up off the pillow so to get up and go to the bathroom.  And I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom. I re-set the alarm for an hour later and went back to sleep.  When I woke it was still there.  I crawled to the bathroom, then popped two Excedrin.  Back to bed I went.

I'm convinced it was the direct result of the enormous amount of sugar I consumed yesterday.

I have been a very good girl for the last two weeks.  I've been diligent about following the challenges that were given to me by my instructor at my cycling facility.   The first challenge was NO sugar.  It was rough for the first couple of days, but I did it.  Remarkably, I felt more energy.  Second week's challenge?  No processed food or carbs.  Thus the NO sugar challenge multiplied.  I found it was getting easier to avoid sugar, and I felt great. I continued into the third week.  I was down 3 lbs.  Good stuff.

Yesterday the healthy pattern crumbled. I succumbed to the Kryptonite, my nemesis: sugar.  In the afternoon I had a (large) bowl of Lucky Charms. In the evening I went to a movie (Parker...highly recommend it by the way) and ate an entire box of Sweetarts Mini's. I couldn't stop!  It was like I was possessed.  All reason vanished.

My punishment...the sugar hangover.  I'm calling it a hangover, because that's exactly what it felt like. Massive headache, nauseousness, lethargic. It's 3pm and I'm still feeling it.

On a good note, I went out and ran this morning.  It was 16 degrees with snow flurries. Torture, but I was glad I did it.  I'm not going to let a throbbing headache keep me down, dammit.

So now the pain is almost gone, but the light headed feeling remains.  Probably why I'm feeling a little goofy (or just goofier than normal). Ha ha ha.

Lesson learned...eating Lucky Charms in large quantities and consuming an entire box of Sweetarts is not only bad for the waistline but my body is telling me something.  Lesson learned.  I think it's really funny that I devoted an entire post to a headache, but I'm hoping my experiment with sugar might help someone. It's what this blog is all can learn from my pain :).

Peace out,
Michelle xoxo


  1. I've had my share of headaches in the last few weeks. But I believe none of them were related to large amounts of sugar. Although sometimes I crave sugar I realize that I can't afford it :) Well, anyways, it was a fun post to read, it made me smile :) Watch out, don't abuse sugar :)

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  3. I quit using sugar in my coffee/tea almost two years ago. I don't drink soda or flavored waters and people always seemed so shocked when I say, "I just take it black, please." (Cream is reserved for weekend French press only!) I noticed the changes right away, too! Good job!

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