Saturday, June 8, 2013

Precious Time

Precious time, a day in the life.  Fear no more.

It seems as if several days in my life have passed, as if I blinked and they whirled by.  I've finally come up for air.  The kids are out of school for the summer and my normal routine has gone bye-bye.

I haven't posted in over a week. (You may or may not have noticed :). Part of the reason is my routine being out of whack, but more importantly I've spent time with my children. It's summer...I have the time...and life is short. They both had birthdays this week. My son, Nick turned 13 (a teenager!!) and is beginning 7th grade in the fall.  My daughter, Kendall turned 17, will soon have her drivers license and will be entering her senior year of high school.  Senior year!  Next year she will (God, please!) be off to college. Yes, I am that old. (Funny, I don't feel old??)

Time really does fly. Occasionally it's necessary to step back, examine life and re-prioritize. I seem to be doing that quite a bit lately. (I'll save that for another time).  We all need a break now and then I suppose.

The main reason a pause was necessary... Kendall will be having surgery on Monday morning.  She has experienced ongoing knee pain in her left leg for a few years. In 2010 I took her to an orthopedic physician. He ordered an MRI, which showed "nothing" but a small knot he diagnosed as a calcification.  He prescribed physical therapy and said to come back if the pain persisted.  With PT her pain subsided, so no further action seemed necessary. Fast forward to early 2013. The pain was back, this time much worse.  I urged Kendall to revisit the PT exercises which had previously helped and encouraged exercise to strengthen the surrounding muscles. A few months passed, and the pain was intensifying rather than subsiding. I took her back to the orthopedic physician in mid May. After another MRI we were asked to return to the office for the results. The MRI revealed that the small bump was now much larger, and had become what he called it a tumor.  We were referred to a specialist at Indiana University Health who specialized in childhood tumors. When we saw the specialist ( was difficult for me to use that term) he advised the tumor would have to be surgically removed and biopsied.  BUT the good news was, in his expert opinion it appeared to be a benign tumor. We would only know for certain after the biopsy, but his confidence buoyed ours.  He also felt the surgery could wait until after school ended for the year.  So here we are.

It's very I've evolved in the last few years, I am not the worrier I once was.  I honestly have hope that what is meant to be will be, and that we are only given what we can handle.  I used to spend so much time worrying, and the only result was much more stress.  I am convinced that to worry about an unforeseen event or outcome is completely useless.  I will take what comes as it comes.  This is not to mean that I am blindly going through life just waiting for things to happen.  I take action today for what I can, and turn over what I can't.  This approach makes life so much easier!  For the most part I am fairly stress free, one day at a time.

I think my new approach to life has rubbed off on Kendall. So very cool.  She is nervous about the surgery (she's never been under general anesthesia except for some routine dental work) but she has a sense of calm.  My daughter is just like me, only stronger.  The last few years of evolution in our family have touched her as well.

That being's not every day your child faces surgery, and ultimately an unknown prognosis.  We will handle whatever comes together.  To be honest, however I am apprehensive and a little scared.   This is my baby (albeit my young adult baby), after all.  I do know that with our resolve we will get through this.

We spent the last several days at my Mother-in-Law's lake house.  Kendall asked specifically to go there on her birthday so that she could have some fun on the water before her surgery.  I was happy to oblige.  This was the first time I had been to the lake this year, and we are not sure when we will be able to go again, so it was very nice to get away with the kids.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Flat out truth.  Apprehension evaporated into the clean lake air, and our giggles and smiles radiated in the sunshine.

I didn't write, I just spent time with them.  It was what we all needed.


On this beautiful Saturday, with the windows open behind me, I am at my desk typing away.  I've missed it!  Time away proved effective, because writing this post just flowed naturally.  I am glad to have the opportunity to share with you, and to translate my churning thoughts into a post.

Another day in the life, and fear is nowhere to be seen.  What a blessing.  If your thoughts turn to me on Monday, think also of Kendall.  Perhaps you might be inclined to say a little prayer, or just to send a little positive thought and good vibes our way.  It would be very much appreciated.  Stay tuned...thank you for listening.



  1. Great post, Michelle. Glad you got to spend quality time with the kids. Wishing Kendall all the best for her upcoming surgery.

  2. Michelle, my best to you and Kendall. So glad the time you spent together was enjoyable. I always say "sometimes it's the small things in life that make it all worth while." Your time together is just that, worth while. Cherish it.

    Kim Charette

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you for visiting my blog! I so agree that the simple things in life, laughter....are to be cherished :)

  3. I pray that all goes well with the surgery and you're right in not getting too anxious before you know what's going on. Worry just weighs you down and I should know.
    It's sometimes good to have a nice break away from it all, and you all seemed to have such fun being away and now you've returned with all fresh and invigorated.

    1. Hello! Surgery went well...I think I might blog about it? :) Thank you for your kind words.

  4. You have beautiful children! I'll be saying a prayer for your daughter on Monday that all goes well!

  5. Good luck for Monday!
    (You guys have got something good happening.)
    Cheers, ic

  6. Michelle, sending lots of positive vibes that Kendall’s tumor is benign and all goes well. She is a beautiful young lady and I can tell she’s strong, just like her mama. You have two wonderful children, you are truly blessed. Good that you could spend time at that lake house with your family; laughter really is the best medicine, I agree. You and Kendall will be in my thoughts on Monday.

  7. Update on Kendall: First of all thank you everyone for your phone calls, comments, tweets, Facebook messages, etc.! I'm feeling very blessed to have such wonderful friends. Surgery was this morning at 7:00am, and it is now 3:00pm. Just got Kendall settled in bed, she is feeling sick from the medicine and from the pain. The tumor was attached to her femur bone, and not a "free body" as they initially thought. Surgery was a bit tricky, but the tumor was successfully removed. The doctor contends it appears benign but we will know for certain in 3-5 days after pathology does their thing. All went well, and your prayers and good vibes helped very much. Thank you!