Monday, October 7, 2013

Running Commentary - Rain

The alarm rouses me at 6:30am.  It's Saturday, and I struggle to recall why I am getting up so early.  It's raining.  My room is dark, quiet and the taps of rain drops are loud as they patter the roof.  I have a run on my schedule today, a long one.  I hit the snooze button, pull the covers to my chin and drift back to sleep.  Twice more.  Finally, at 7:00 I sit up then slowly crawl out of bed.

This is the first day in quite awhile the sun hasn't been streaming through my windows.  Instead it is a gloomy murkiness as I reach for the light.  Stretch.  The very last thing I want to do is put on my running shoes and head outside. I shrug the negative thoughts away and reach for my shoes, determined to do what I said I would do.

I head out and into the rain.  It actually feels good on my skin as I start warming up.  I feel suddenly optimistic about what's ahead.  I have abandoned my electronic devices and run unplugged.  Only my thoughts to listen to.

Tension evaporates into the droplets on my face as I run.  My brain swirls with thoughts of recent events, hopes for the future and gratitude.  Mile after mile goes by, and decisions are being formed in my mind.  Brain blogging at it's best.  I smile as I feel my optimism return.  The feeling to expect the best in all things returns.  Hope.

I have been struggling of late, but as I run I am reminding myself that we all have struggles in life.  Rather than sit in them it's best face them.  Run it out, but not run away.  That's what today's workout means to me.

I run for two hours, unsure of my mileage but feeling wonderful.  Rebirth with the final drops playing on my skin.

As I sit down to blog my thoughts, I see 10 unfinished posts pop up.  I am reminded of the feelings of procrastination and fear that have been plaguing me for weeks now.  Shake it off Nims.  I deleted the 10 posts that were lingering on my laptop.  Starting fresh today.  I am getting back to the basics.

Peace, out


  1. I did some running in the rain this summer, and it felt great, once I got over that initial resistance. You did a wise thing deleting those unfinished posts. There's nothing more exhilarating than getting off to a fresh start.

  2. That's right Nimsy, start afresh and from the basics. After all, that's what drove us to start in the first place. The only time anyone is going to see me running in the rain is when I've got unexpectedly caught in it.

    Shake it off girl.

  3. I'm the wrong shape for running so the best you'll ever see from me is "Trudging in the rain."

    Unfinished posts are a trap - sitting there demanding your attention long after the motivation has vanished. Deleting them and starting with a blank canvas is definitely the way forward.

  4. Great post, Michelle...very poetic. I've walked and run in thunderstorms; definitely a very different mood and feeling doing that. Here's a virtual toast to your new start :-)

  5. Love the senses in the post. You capture the feel of the rain and your experience. I especially like "Only my thoughts to listen to." It happens so rarely for me, but it's beautiful.

  6. You guys are being sooo patient with me :) Thanks for tuning in!