Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Training/Life Juggling

Training for an Ironman 70.3 (two coming up actually) and motherhood is a definite juggling act.  Some days are easier than others.  Today was one of the more crazy days.

I knew it was going to be hectic.  My coach had scheduled a two hour bike/run.  Workouts are my favorite part of the day!  I always fit these in.  They are my sanity builders.   This one was intervals.  Run first, bike second to warm up....then main set was bike 12 minutes with sprints, followed by a 1.5 mile run...repeating this three times.  Cool down.  No time for bike blogging during today's workout!  But I would be able to get two hours of "me" time in.  Awesome!

Here's where it became a juggling act.  I had the workout to do, it was stormy, we planned to celebrate my mother's birthday by taking lunch to their home, the kids had doctor appointments and an orthodontist appointment, there was a 2 hour football practice in the evening, I had work to do and I was reminded that the laundry was overflowing.  (I may mention laundry frequently in my writing as it never seems to slow down.)  But I digress....

With a little planning, some spontaneity, a little cooperation from the kids, the weather clearing and a lot of patience (which I am really practicing!!)  I was able to get it all in.  

A lot of my athlete friends have kids.  I see the struggle to balance being "Mom" and running a household with training every day.  Some work full or part time.  Some are single parents whose kids also are in sports.   I applaud these women who manage to find balance.   Regardless of the age of the children, it's hard.  I am blessed that my kids are teens, so there is a little more flexibility in my schedule.  My kids are old enough to be home alone for periods of time (in the event they don't kill each other that is).  It's usually cool.  An added bonus:  they sleep until 10 or 11 so I'm usually finished training before they are out of bed.  School starts in 3 weeks!  It's all about balance.

So I can end the day by writing, which I love.  After I publish this blog there is the laundry and cupcake baking to be done with my daughter.  Someone has to make sure the house doesn't burn down.  Then maybe I'll do some laundry.  Actually...maybe the laundry can wait until tomorrow.

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