Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Daughter Writes

by: Kendall E.  Atkins, age 17

When I was young
I was so open
I was so naive
to everything
I couldn't see
what the world really held
in its palm of agony

Now that I'm older
Now that I've seen
what this world really is
How this world
treats its visitors
with cruel and unjust hospitality

What has it become?
Our world today?
Why are our minds so full of hatred?
Our minds have been tainted
blinded by our actions
to become society's image
of perfection

Can't you see that this world is changing?
That it's not what it used to be?
Falling apart at the seams
this world is breaking
Can't you see where I stand?
We're falling apart
this will be our end


  1. Seems like you've got another writer in the house Nimsy. The world is changing for real but we can pick and chose what we do with what life throws at us in order to change the ugliness of it all. Well written poem Kendall.

  2. Michelle, your daughter has inherited your love and talent for writing!

    Kendall, a very well written and thoughtful poem! It really draws in the reader to pause and reflect, and I like the way it flows. (When I was young, I wrote a lot of poetry. This reminds me of a poem I wrote in college about weaving webs of apathy around our lives.) Hope to see more of your poetry, keep writing! :)