Friday, November 16, 2012

You Know You Love Cycling When _____________

You know you love cycling when you willingly go for a 40 mile ride even though the thermometer reads 42 degrees.   Today was one of those days that I was feeling the cycling love.  It goes beyond just "working out" at this time of the year.    I could have taken a spin class or gone to the Cycle Studio for a beat down, but I just had to ride outside today.     When a friend and fellow cyclist asked if I wanted to ride, I jumped at the chance.  Of course!  (See?   "of course"at it!)  It's always more fun with another person.

It was a beautiful day.  There had been frost on the ground when I went for my morning run.  By 1:00pm when we ventured out, the sun was shining, and only a few clouds dotted the sky.  There was a slight wind, but it was tolerable.    Did I mention it was cold?

There is a vast difference between riding in the summertime and riding in the winter.    First, thank you Miss Obvious, there is the cold. Brr. More clothing is involved.  Quite a bit more.  In the summer it's biking shorts, a tank, socks and shoes and my helmet.   Today I wore fleece bike pants, wool socks, hat, gloves, several layers of clothes on top, shoes and a jacket, helmet and shoe covers.  It appeared I was preparing to journey across the frozen tundra.  It's a bit more challenging maneuvering the bike wearing such a large amount of clothing.  But it is so worth it.  The scenery was beautiful today as we rode the countryside.

When riding in cold months,  I am occasionally referred to in layman's terms as "crazy".    This is usually by non-cyclists.   (Although this happens to me in the summer   Maybe there's some truth to it?  As we rode I noticed drivers giving us looks that read "really?!"  Also got a few honks and cat calls during the ride.  While I'd like to think it was because I looked so good (ha ha, ha)  I'm sure it's more likely because passing motorists (with their heat on) thought we were nuts.  And really, how cute can a girl look wearing 4 layers of clothes, fleece biking pants and a jacket?  Not very.  Ego check.

Another drawback was my poor nose.  It was like a faucet today, and I was constantly sniffing or wiping.  Good times.  Note to self:  bring tissues on the next ride.

It was all worth it.  It was exhilarating and so much fun.  Every time I ride this time of year, I lament that it might be the last one until the spring.  So when I get the chance to ride outside I jump at the opportunity with pleasure.  I'm not quite ready to hang up the bike and bring my workouts inside.  The treadmill, bike trainer and the spin bike can just wait a little bit longer.

And the good news?  There are numerous chances to ride again this weekend.  It's predicted to be a heatwave of 55 on Saturday.  Perfect riding weather.  Maybe I can nix a few layers.  Awesome!

I'll see you soon!  If you need me, leave a message....I will be out on my bike!


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